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The warehouses, which extend over an area of 4000 square meters, are equipped with locked iron containers of various capacities…

The warehouses are adapted to individual custody of client household goods for more or less extended periods.

We have also acquired new warehouse space that has been divided and arranged to receive multiple shipments. The company then grants specific spaces to our customers as a personal area where the customer can manage independently their household goods; with the advantage of our structure in regards to the security and safety of your goods. For example: day and night supervision by an on-site trained caretaker, video surveillance system with perimeter and internal sensory security alarms. The warehouse manager is assigned to follow directly: receipt of household goods, storage, supply of materials and equipment, the preparation of the order, picking, preparation of shipments, and the updating of the stocks. All the stored and containerized goods can be located and identified through a special map.

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